The Magic

The Living Museum in progress

Yesterday, April 28th 2015, I felt something of the magic I always feel when I enter the building of the Living Museum in Queens, New York. The last couple of days I have been cleaning up the building that was ‘given’ to me by GGZinGeest in Bennebroek. The building where I started my Dutch version of the Living Museum.

Listen in wonder

Not long ago I met Pauline. She is an artist and lives on hospital grounds in a beautiful apartment. She was interested in the Living Museum. Yesterday we moved her paintings to my new center. She took some hours to sort out where every painting should hang or stand against the wall. Every piece of her art goes with a story. We talked. And it was magic. And I listened in wonder.


The 1st time we met I offered Pauline a studio. She was emotional. “I think my dream is coming through. Not once in my life I had the opportunity to have my art on the wall in a studio.”

Art connects people

Pauline made my day. She is the 1st artist of the Living Museum Netherlands. May many follow.

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