The Living museum goes Global

Just open since October 2016, I ask myself if there is a limit in experiencing successes when practicing a consumer run art brut program and recovery from mental health challenges?

The answer of course is ‘No!’

This week, while I was out tour guiding in New York City, the artists of the Living Museum in Bennebroek, welcomed 4 visitors/mental health professionals from South Korea. They came to check out our ‘Woodstock’, our ‘Art Utopia’.

And they loved it

Because they invited me, Helen and Saskia to come to South Korea in October, together with all the other initiators of Living Museum all over the world.

So Janos

Our inspirator will also be there.

I could never be

More proud of the artists of my Living Museum. They know how to host people, how to welcome them and how to engage people for innovative new ways of dealing with mental health challenges.

We are going South Korea

Can you pinch my arm?!

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