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In the Netherlands a team that is led by Jim van Os, professor in psychiatry, launched a new website called:

schizofreniebestaatniet.nl which means translated: schizophreniadoesntexist.nl. A clear statement. I was so lucky to take part in the team engaging with some fascinating and creative people. Kitty Kilian, having good personal reasons for it, passionately pushed our team and many other people to contribute and stay focused on the goal to create hope and deliver positive information. Especially to young people who are too often stigmatized by the often self fulfilling prophecy of a primarily negative schizophrenia label. We focus at the person, what happened to her or him and not expecting an a priori illness. We must tell young people about the large group of people that is capable to have a successful life in society. We talk about psychosis susceptibility instead of schizophrenia, about understandable reasons for people to develop psychotic complaints, the possible meaning of them, personal heroic stories setting examples and recovery as a healing process. Some Dutch biological psychiatrists published an angry article in a national newspaper that depicted our action as ‘going back to anti-psychiatric times’ and claimed the schizophrenia-label as a proved and scientific concept. The usual reflex of scientific ideologists, afraid that their expensive toys are grabbed away. We have good personal and scientific reasons for improving outcomes by creating. We feel compassionate about the people and families who suffer so much. But we embrace both hope and despair. We want to break down the isolation in which so many people and their allies live and we must reach out to create futures! Please support our initiative and connect. An English version is on its way!

Dirk Corsten, psychiatrist

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