Make use of the

Th e Livi ng mu se u m


The Living Museum initially offers space for the artists.

In addition, the old flour warehouse offers several spaces that can be suitable for meetings, meet-ups, rehearsal space, master classes, workshops, yoga and/or meditation (we have a heated floor).

The Living Museum is also a place where you, as a worker, can escape the hectic pace of everyday life and, for example, just start writing your book. Whether you can get rid of an endless list of emails.

A place that already provides inspiration upon entering, it makes you happy. You can also go there for a meaningful conversation with our artists. It broadens your horizons and creates new beliefs.

An hourly rate is charged for this.

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Renting the hall and other spaces

is not expensive!

We guarantee the continued existence of the Living Museum Leeuwarden by renting out these beautiful spaces and studios. Gifts and donations are also very welcome.

Lunch can also be provided by us.​

We have

your financial

need support!